My Starting Point

Hi friends!

Welcome to my very first blog post. Hopefully you read the information on the home page about my intention with this blog. For my first post ever I want to put in writing all of the goals I have for myself that I want you guys to hold me accountable for. Throughout my blog I will reference this first post to show you my progress. These goals are not numbered by importance, they are all equally crucial for my overall success.

1) Lose 20 lbs by the end of the year and keep it off.

2) Meditate/ stay present/ be mindful daily.

3) Become a full-time virtual life coach in 2 years or less.

4) Pay off my debt and no longer use credit cards/ build a savings.

5) Go on a real vacation this year and continue to take at least one every year.

6) Read one new book every month.

7) Try one new recipe every week.

8) Make sure to spend at least 30 minutes outside every day.

9) Marry my beautiful fiance, buy a house and have a baby.

10) Start a new hobby. Preferably outdoors.

11) Be the best version of myself. Be the best partner, parent, friend, sister and daughter that is humanly possible. Despite how limited my time may be. Family, your life partner, your children and anyone else you choose to spend your time with make you who you are. Choose to be around people who inspire and uplift you. Never surround yourself with people who make you feel small or incapable of achieving your dreams.

That’s it my friends! As you can see, some of these goals are long-term, some short and some more like daily practices. All equally important. It’s vital, when you have large long term goals like #9, #4 and #1 to break them down into smaller weekly obtainable goals and then have someone hold you accountable for completing that goal every week. If you reach out to me with your goals I can help you break them down into weekly wellness tasks and ensure that you complete them.

For myself I have created a daily wellness practice that involves nearly all of my goals.

1) Eat whole, organic food 80% of the time. (Finding balance here is crucial to lasting long-term). Cut out the processed junk completely. Limit alcohol, sugar and grain consumption. (20%) Eat 1700 calories per day. This is for my particular body type along with my particular goals. Every one is different here.

2) Vigorous exercise for at least 30 minutes per day, 5 times a week.

3) Meditate for at least ten minutes daily. I have found gratitude meditations first thing in the morning completely life changing.

4) Be outside for at least 30 minutes everyday.

5) Turn all social media off/ put phone away in the evenings. (After 5pm) This is part of my practice to stay mindful/ present.

6) Spend 2 hours per week reading.

7) Work on life coaching for at least 1 hour per day.

8) Yoga (non vigorous) or stretching at least ten minutes everyday. (If you work a desk job I highly encourage this daily practice. Your body will thank you.)

9) Spend the rest of my time helping make dinner, clean the household, walk the dog, etc. (We must find a way to balance work life, personal life and family life and fit it all into a daily practice. This is not an easy task.)

This daily practice is my personal equation for success.  This practice can absolutely be done around a normal 8 hour work schedule.  It is so important to make time for yourself and your family.  Your partnering and parenting practice need to be part of your daily regimen. While making time for friends and family should be part of your weekly/ monthly practice.

Often when we think about everything it can be very overwhelming. Talk to me about your struggles. I specialize in helping you find balance, wellness and wholeness in your daily routine. This ensures everlasting success in all of your endeavors. I am so excited that you chose to be here on this journey with me. I truly hope you find inspiration, motivation and useful wellness tools for your personal journey. If you know anyone who could benefit from this blog please share it! My journey officially starts tomorrow 4/6/2018!

In love and wellness,

Imperfect Coach Krystle



One thought on “My Starting Point

  1. I genuinely found this to be inspiring. To speak so openly and to be so vulnerable is truly inspiring. Sharing flaws I feel is something we as humans struggle with. After I write this I am going to create my own wellness path and I hope it’s okay to reach out to you for guidance. Thank you for sharing your journey. 😊


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