Ten Day Detox

What is up my friends?!

I hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend. I want to give an update in relation to my personal goal progress since my last post. On Friday 4/6 I started a ten day detox to kick off my personal journey to wellness. The detox consists of eating only vegetables, meat and healthy fats. And just so we are on the same page, before I began this detox I was eating pizza, chocolate, pasta, burgers, sandwiches, dessert… and more dessert, drinking wine, having cocktails and then eating more dessert. So this is seriously drastic. I am now 3 days into it and I have to say day two was pretty rough. Had a bad headache and was super lethargic. Had super intense food cravings, was a bit irritable and felt like I was starving all day. On the positive side I was not at all bloated and slept like a rock. There was a lot of give and a little take on day two. Here on day three I am feeling drastically better. My breakfast stuck with me from 9:30 to 2:30. Which is pretty crazy. Here’s a picture of what I ate:


Eggs, avocado, chicken breast, kale, cabbage, bell pepper and onion made by my amazing fiance. Super yum!

Now, I have tried detoxing before and never seem to last more than 5 days because either I get bored eating the same thing over and over, or the prep time is ridiculous and I feel like I’m constantly starving so I have intense cravings for bread and dessert and give up. But not this time! I won’t give up because I have this blog keeping me accountable now. It’s actually super motivating.

Other than the super healthy eating, I have been really working on shifting my negative thinking patterns and focusing on gratitude and being in the present moment. For example, instead of reaching for my phone and scrolling Instagram first thing in the morning to help me wake up, I am now thinking about everything that I have in the current moment that I am grateful for and then I tell myself that I am going to own the day and that today is going to be awesome. I have also been more present by periodically stopping all the chatter in my head and noticing everything my senses pick up around me. For example, this morning I was able to sleep in with my girl and have some morning snuggles. Usually while we are snuggling my mind is going a million miles a second and I’m not actually absorbing the quality time that is being spent with her. These times are so few and far in between that by not fully embracing it with my presence I’m not even really enjoying it. So I stopped all the chatter and turned on all my senses. I felt her warmth, heard her heartbeat and the sound of her breath, took a deep breath and breathed in the scent of her. We only snuggled for five minutes and I felt like I got more out of that snuggle sesh than a thousand others before that. Your mind is an insanely powerful tool when you use it correctly and can be detrimental when it’s used the wrong way.

As far as fitness goes I have been working out for at least 30 minutes the past three days. My goal was 5 days a week so I’m off to a great start there. I am not a huge fan of working out so it takes a lot of motivation to get myself off the couch. I have recently discovered yoga (I know I’m way behind on this discovery) and I absolutely love it. It combines strength training, stretching, flexibility, balance, mindfulness and meditation all at once. So when I don’t really feel like working out I force myself to do a little yoga which usually gets my endorphins going and I’m motivated to do something else. I never tried yoga in the past because all the poses were super daunting and there are a lot of words for the poses that I don’t understand. I was too embarrassed to go to a class and be in front of people. Luckily there is this awesome thing called YouTube and there is an endless supply of free yoga videos on it. I found a 30 Day Yoga Challenge with Adrian channel and I highly recommend it. It’s great for complete beginners like myself and helps you gradually progress over the 30 day period. So I have been doing yoga, hiking, going on 2 mile runs, and completing HIIT workouts. Doing a variety of activities keeps me motivated and is super good for the body. Here’s a picture of me and my pup Nova at the top of Cowles Mountain which is 1.5 miles straight up and 1.5 miles straight down.


At this current time I weigh 175lbs. I am not going to watch the scale constantly during this process but will step on it probably once a month for shits and giggles. I am excited to keep you all updated about my progress throughout this physical, mental, emotional and spiritual journey and encourage anyone with personal goals to reach out to me so I can help you stay accountable and achieve them!

As always thank you for taking the time to read my post. I am super grateful.

Wishing you all love and wellness,

Your Imperfect Coach Krystle

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