Success In Two Words

Hi friends!

Let’s talk about the most sought after and yet difficult to achieve word out there: successHave you ever met someone who wasn’t looking for it? Of course not. But what truly defines it? I believe it’s your own definition. There’s financial, professional, personal, relational, parental and so many others, your definition is what you create for yourself. So why is it so difficult to achieve? The answer is that we lack motivation and discipline. Motivation fuels discipline and discipline is needed when motivation has temporarily depleted. Success isn’t possible without motivation and discipline. Let me say that again:


Both of these words are controlled by your mind. So what we must do is feed our minds positive and encouraging thoughts in order to build the mental strength required to stay motivated and disciplined. People think I’m ridiculous when I tell them to listen to positive affirmations everyday. It’s a bit corny, I get it. But right now we are feeding our minds with negative affirmations all day everyday. Saying things like “I can’t do that” or  “I’m not good enough” or “I’m too fat” or the phrase most applicable for this topic “I will never succeed.” Have you ever heard the phrase “you are what you think about”? This is why we need those “corny” positive affirmations because once we listen to them long enough, our brain will start to believe them and they will soon become our natural thought patterns. Every morning I listen to I AM Affirmations before getting out of bed. Try it for a week and tell me if you notice a natural change in your thought patterns.

Now once we positively strengthen our minds the next step is really zoning in on what success means to you. Be as specific as possible. If you find yourself defining success by something that doesn’t naturally motivate you, then that is not your definition. An example of this would be defining success as having a huge house, 3 cars, and boat but not actually caring about material objects. If in your heart of hearts what you truly want is to be a parent, your definition of success must be related to parenting. Ex: My definition of success is making enough money doing something I enjoy so I can provide for my future child. You need to ask yourself the following: Who do you truly want to be? What is truly important to you? What truly lights you up just thinking about it? Hopefully the answer to all of those questions will be similar. This creates your definition or what I like to call your “base.”

When you have found your “base” you then need to make realistic achievable goals every week that are centered around your definition of success. This is the “ladder” process. Every goal, set and achieved, is one step up your ladder. It is vital that the goals you make can actually be achieved in the week you assign them. Otherwise you are never going to get yourself up the ladder. The top of your ladder is your SUCCESS. You cannot go from the base to the top without climbing each rung of the ladder.  There are no shortcut options when reaching your success. It takes constant motivation and discipline.

Let me give you my personal example of success: My definition of success (base) is to make a comfortable living as a virtual life/accountability coach, create my own schedule and only work 4 hours a day. So in order to make that happen, I became a certified life coach, created a website, started a personal wellness blog and am putting myself out there on social media. I did all this by being super motivated, setting weekly goals and being extremely disciplined about achieving those goals. At this point I am a little more than halfway up the ladder. But what I will say is the closer I get the more rewarding each step is becoming. For so long I have been dreaming about becoming a life coach but was too lazy to put in the work. I was completely overwhelmed with all that needed to get done that I didn’t even know where to begin. So I just… didn’t. If you are feeling the same way and need help setting weekly goals and would like to have someone to hold you accountable, please don’t hesitate to send me a message with your contact info!

So let’s sum things up:

First Step- Clear your mind of negativity and get the positive thoughts flowing.

Second Step- Find your base.

Third Step- Set small weekly goals to get yourself up the ladder.

Fourth Step- Stay motivated and disciplined.

Fifth Step- Achieve SUCCESS.

If you don’t accomplish your goals for a week, then you will need to prioritize enough time in the next week to complete the previous weeks goals along with the new goals for the week. Stay disciplined. Make your dreams a priority not an option. And if you need help ask a friend, or a partner or reach out to me. Be determined to succeed and you will not fail. There is not a single successful person out there who got there by sitting on their ass. Go get it!



In love and wellness,

ILC Krystle

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